Secure marijuana greenhouses for the home grower

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Secure Cannabis Greenhouse


Our Sero marijuana greenhouses stand up to the same structural requirements of pharmaceutical storage cages found in pharmacies, medical facilities, drug warehouses and distribution centers across North America.

Customizable Cannabis Greenhouse


You choose the size and roof style of your Sero marijuana greenhouse and its white trim comes primed and ready to paint. Include all the various add-ons available and you can truly tailor your outdoor grow space to fit your specific wants and needs.

Simple Cannabis Greenhouse


Your Sero marijuana greenhouse can potentially pay for itself in just one growing season! Growing outdoors without expensive lights or electric bills is how it should be. Simple. You also avoid all of the issues that indoor growing can bring with home insurance providers.

Discreet Cannabis Greenhouse


We encourage all of you to check out our Sero forum and get in touch with your fellow greenhouse growers. It can be very interesting and rewarding to hear the experiences of a grower from the same geographical location and climate type as you.

At Sero, we strive for an environmentally conscious, natural, energy-efficient secure solution to outdoor growing.


Any grower will tell you there are a million factors that can determine the size of your marijuana plants. the strain, the climate, the soil, the light, what you’re feeding it and the list goes on. So how is the Sero marijuana greenhouse “sized just right”? Here’s how:

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Personalize your Sero Greenhouse

Use our interactive menu to customize your Sero greenhouse to best suit your needs.

We are always working on new options, designs and products that would be good add-ons to our existing designs. Please keep checking back for updates. We sometimes include new products in our add-on section just cause we think they’re cool. Have a product you think would make a great addon? Contact us today.

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about Sero

Sero is a line of secure marijuana greenhouses for the home grower.

At Sero we believe that informed adults should be able to grow their own plants for their own consumption provided it’s done in a safe and secure manner.

About Sero

When it comes to marijuana, what better way to regulate it than by growing your own? From seedling to harvest, you can be a part of the entire process. How you’ll care for your plants can help determine crop sizes, potency, length of growing time and various other factors. This can be a fun and rewarding experience and you can even save some money. But most importantly, you can monitor things such as pesticide use and you’ll have full control over what you’re putting into your body when it comes to your marijuana. On top of all that, you’ll now have access to fresh marijuana and, therefore, a whole other list of health benefits.

Here in Canada, attitudes and laws are changing and progressing rapidly. Currently, you can grow your own if you hold a prescription for medical marijuana and the proper registration certificate from Health Canada. Suggestions from Trudeau’s marijuana taskforce recommend a limited amount of personal production for recreational users as well.

Of course, there are certain guidelines we must follow when growing our own marijuana. Guidelines for both outdoor and indoor grow setups are set out in Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

Here at Sero we are not interested in creating artificial indoor grow environments. Nor are we interested in all the expensive lights and the costly electrical bills that go along with that. Indoor grow setups can be an absolute nightmare with your home insurance provider as well. What we want is for our growers to be able to grow marijuana outdoors, under the sun, the way nature intended. And we want them to be able to do so in a safe and secure manner that meets the guidelines of the ACMPR.

To sum it up, the ACMPR says that your method of growing needs to be discreet and secure, safely locked up away from children and would be thieves. Sero’s line of secure marijuana greenhouses for the home grower allows for this OUTDOORS.

To be discreet, we designed our Sero marijuana greenhouses to be small enough not to draw attention. It’s no bigger than the typical 6ft. fence found in most Canadian neighborhoods making it hard to see from outside property lines. Yet the Sero marijuana greenhouse is large enough to grow a substantial crop. Substantial enough, in fact, to pay for itself in just one grow season!

For the security factor we took it a step farther than the guidelines in Health Canada’s ACMPR. We took the same structural requirements Health Canada and the DEA have for pharmaceutical storage cages found in pharmacies across North America and applied them to the design of our Sero marijuana greenhouses. Our thought behind this is, if these are approved cages for other controlled substances, then it should be fine to house a few marijuana plants.

About Sero

Sero marijuana greenhouses are affordable and simple. They are also customizable. Above all, they are secure.

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